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Is It Necessary to Use VPNs for Cloud-Based Bitcoin mining?

What is Cloud mining?

Cloud mining or cloud hashing is a type of bitcoin mining that employs the use of a remote data center with a shared computing system, where the hash power is generated. It is a service of bitcoin mining without going through the stress of owning and managing personal hardware.

So What Are The Pros Of Using Cloud Mining And Why Is It Popular?

Firstly, you do not manage any hardware at all. Everything is done for you by companies owning these remote data centers. They buy all the computers, GPUs. You do not even see any of this process.

Secondly, you are free from renting a building to mine bitcoin, there are no electricity costs. The cloud mining companies are located in strategic areas where they get the best rates possible for electricity.

Thirdly, it is cost-efficient. GPUs needed for cloud mining cost thousands of dollars and the better the GPUs are, the more expensive it cost. Other reasons are, being free from technical liabilities such as broken computers, fire outbreaks, listening to loud noises from the computers and even power outage.

Why Are Companies Restricting Access To Individuals In Africa And Asia?

Sadly, many crypto-currency companies that deal with Bitcoin are closing the possibilities for customers from Asia and Africa to purchase and make bitcoin transactions.

Well, there are lots of crypto exchanges in the crypto community that give users opportunities to trade bitcoin, but most of these services are usually geo-restricted, thus clients from countries in Asia and Africa are unable to take part in these crypto exchanges or have limited access to Bitcoin transactions.

Another reason is due to the legality of cryptocurrency. Central Banks and government of countries in places like Africa and Asia have banned the use of Bitcoin. So Cryptocurrency companies restrict access to avoid legal issues. Thus users are unable to register or make transactions from some countries in Africa and Asia.

Is There A Solution To This?

YES! Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem which users face and that is the use of VPNs. With the use of VPNs, users are able to circumvent the geo-restricting problem that affects them and gain the access to register in geo-restricted crypto-currency companies. They will be able to make purchases and be able to make Bitcoin transactions or exchanges.

A legal adviser of the company, “TOPVPNCHOICE”, stated that the best choice for VPNs use should be paid VPNs. You may be asking, Why paid VPNs?

There are a few reasons why using paid VPNs are considered the best options when it comes to cloud-based Bitcoin mining. They include:

  • Privacy and Data protection>: The internet is a very dangerous place, where an individual can be hacked or even spied on. The use of paid VPN is a concrete solution to such threats. VPN services encrypt all data, using 256-bit encryption. VPNs tunnel protocols of data, keeping the individual anonymous and prevent spying when using a public Wi-Fi or private Internet connection.
  • Transactions without restriction> – A reason why individuals are unable to carry out crypto-currency transactions equally is due to Geo-restriction. With paid VPN services a person is able to carry out crypto-currency transactions without any restriction. You can be in Egypt and be able to carry out Bitcoin transactions as if you are in Germany.
  • Secure transactions> – VPN enables users to have secure purchases, exchanges and even sale of Bitcoin.

In conclusion, the use of paid VPNs is very vital, if you want to:

  1. Avoid being hacked or spied on.
  2. Stay hidden.
  3. Avoid Geo-restricting policies.
  4. Carry out a secure and safe transaction.
  5. You get your money’s worth.

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